New Features:
- Between 12th - 15th of October we will be wisited by the Glasgow Frontrunners running team :)

1. Exercise sessions: Every Thursday from 18:30 to 20:00

In winter:  we run on Gellért mountain or at Buda castle, 5 - 6 km, with 100m of altitude variance, for about 30-40  minutes. There are 3 checkpoints, so you can run at your own pace. Those who finish early can do stair climbing until everyone is finished, then we continue the training sessions together. There is a place to change clothes and store your stuff. For more information, please send us an email ;)

In summer: we run on a 400m molded rubber track at Dr. Koltai Jenő Sportscenter (see below for location).
  -  15 minutes of warm-up (2-3 easy laps + warm-up exercises);
  -  interval training starts, which usually consists of 6, 1km intervals, with time measured at partial-distances (2.5 laps of running, 0.5 lap of walking or relaxing). This sometimes is changed. At the end, anyone who still feels strong enough can do some sprinting, calf or abs exercises, etc.;
  -  10-15 minutes of cool down (2-3 easy laps + stretching).
  -  In time, you will increase your stamina and speed,  and should notice results after 2-3 sessions;
  -  Talking, getting to know each other

* Dressing room, toilet and shower are provided.
* Valuable storage is NOT provided, bags are placed at the edge of the athletic field, on benches in a pile.

Signing up for training

Pre-registration is required for these training sessions! To register, please send an email to at least 1 hour before the training session starts. This is required because we have to provide a list with the number of athletes to the gatekeeper.

We recommend that anyone interested in running with us  register on our website and check running as one of his or her sports on the site. By doing this, you will be sure to receive email updates with information about changes in training times, program, as well as unanticipated cancellations due to bad weather, etc.

The first time is free of charge for every newcomer!
For Atlasz members HUF 100 per session. For non-members HUF 200 per session.
For interval training sessions held at the athletic field on Csörsz Street there is an additional cost of HUF 300 per session. Please plan to pay the fee directly to the section coordinator after the training.
We provide additional discounts for full-time students and pensioner athletes within the framework of the Atlasz Member’s Card system!

Additional information
If you are interested or want to sign up for our training sessions, send us an email, we’ll respond as quickly as we can!
Info about membership can be found on this page!
Our training price schedule, by section, can be found here.

Training  locations
Interval training sessions take place at Dr. Koltai Jenő Sportscenter, district XII, Csörsz street 2-4.
For a map click on the image!
Distance running is on Margaret Island.


Atlasz Sports Club
1111 Bp., Budafoki út 22.
Bank account: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. 
TAX number: 18183722-1-43